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Four reasons to buy a more expensive espresso maker

Here are my four reasons why you should spend more on a high quality espresso machine.

Reason One: Espresso machines that cost more are usually made out of stainless steel instead of plastic, so essentially you get what you pay for. When looking for an espresso machine you want to make sure you find what you’re interested in which can be different for each individual. Personally I prefer a more expensive/higher quality machine because of the features it may have. The less expensive espresso machines made out of plastic are just as good but tend to break easier because they are made out of cheap material. If you want a better quality espresso machine you’ll want to spend the extra money and get one that is made of stainless steel. Although if something breaks it will cost a lot more to replace or fix.

Reason Two: Less expensive espresso makers don’t have the advanced technology that high quality machines have. The programmable functions on a less expensive espresso machine are either basic or non existent. Some have buttons which could break, and others have touch screens which can also break but are less likely to because they’re made to function through the multiple uses. When you buy a high quality espresso machine you can program it to make espresso at a certain time, a certain strength and a more sustainable temperature. Less expensive machines you have to do yourself which doesn’t always work because no human can perfect that skill.

Reason Three: Spending more money on an espresso machine gives you a better opportunity to do less work. For example, some machines can grind the espresso beans for you which makes it easier. Especially if you don’t have a lot of time when you’re making it. Less expensive machines you cant necessarily get the fresh taste of the espresso because it has been ground already which takes away from the flavor. Other things that a higher quality machine can do is maintain a higher pressure for frothing and steaming the milk for when you make a latte. The same thing goes with the pressure behind the espresso brewing. If you buy a higher quality espresso maker the reason it tastes better is because of the pressure forced through the espresso powder. Also, if the espresso maker has a grinder built in, the quality of the espresso is better too.

Reason Four: When you buy a less expensive espresso machine sometimes the milk steaming/frothing arm can break or wobble after extended use. Most parts in general are made from cheaper materials. The knob used to brew the espresso is made of plastic instead of being made with an expensive type of metal. The quality of the arm is severely diminished when you buy the least expensive machine you can find because again, you get what you pay for. When you touch or move the arm of a less expensive espresso machine it feels like you could just snap it off. The higher quality/more expensive machine you decide to purchase the better off you will be.

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