Guide to buying watercolor pencils

For those of you who want to get started in the world of art, watercolor pencils are a great product to add to your supply sets. The great thing about watercolor pencils is that they represent the best of two different worlds: the one of drawing and the one of painting.

Why use watercolor pencils?

There are several reasons why artists might prefer using watercolor pencils as their main tool when creating art.

For starters, a lot of beginners love to create artwork using watercolor paint, but it is not easy to use it effectively. Watercolor pencils allow you to emulate the texture of watercolor paint in a way that requires less skill. Other people love watercolor pencils simply due to how much paper coverage they offer, as opposed to other art supplies.

One disatvantage one may find when using watercolor pencils is the fact that they require a special, thicker kind of paper to work on. Heavier paper is not easily penetrated by the water, making your paintings less smudged.

How to use watercolor pencils

There are two possible ways to use watercolor pencils in your artwork.

The first method, contained in the name as well, is adding water directly to the pencil or on the paper. By using a soft, wet brush on your previously drawn images, you can give them a watercolor-like texture, by creating soft edges and blending colors easily, without any mess.

The other way to use Faber Castell watercolor pencils is to simply color your drawings without using any water. It is similar to drawing using regular pencils, but since watercolor pencils tend to be softer, your final product will look more refined and more detailed.

What are the best watercolor pencils?

Nowayads it is difficult to find out which brands sell the best art supplies at a reasonable price, without lowering their quality. However, according to many reviews online, Faber-Castell is a promising brand that really delivers when it comes to the quality of their products.

The most known product are the Faber-Castell Albrech Durer pencils. These pencils are thick, strong and durable, and are really good for large paintings, as well as smaller, more detailed ones. If you are using them dry, then you will have some beautiful, rich colors on your painting, with clear and crisp lines and details. If you choose to add water, then your painting will get a soft, watercolor-like aspect. One downside of these pencils is their price, which tends to be on the higher side. However, you can purchase from single pencils up to sets of 120 different colors, which offers a lot of flexibility.

For both beginners and more experienced artists, theĀ Faber-Castell Albrech Durer Magnus pencils are known to be great especially for creating art to sell. The thick lead of the pencils helps create vivid, yet still soft colors. The color doesn’t smudge at all when you add water, and once your painting dries, the colors are permanent and remain vivid, making this product great for produing art to sell.